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Without our customers we are only buildings and machinery.

Add happy customers…and we are a business.

Some of the nice notes our customers have written:

I wanted to thank you and everyone at Marshall’s Garage for all your help with my daughter’s Honda. Without your willingness to double check the diagnosis, I would have had a logistical nightmare. Instead, the car’s back on the road and I never had to leave home. I’m relieved that Mallory now has a reliable and honest garage she can go to when there’s a problem.

– Steven Rapalyea, CSC parent

I have known the Marshalls for over 60 years and have always received excellent work there.
– John Bickford, Wilmot

Thank you for such excellent work and caring over the past year of both my car and me! You are all the best. – Gail Huntting, Wilmot

The best service ever. I cannot imagine taking my vehicle anywhere else.
– Stephen Holderman, Wilmot

While cruising the East Coast, we had an overheating problem in our 1975 Pontiac Convertible 455 (with 200,000 miles) and followed the well-worn path to your Norman Rockwell look-a-like garage. A pleasant lady took us right in, but the prognosis did not look good. The fix was much better due to your mechanic’s knowledge and the honest to goodness, fair business practiced by your firm. You removed an ailing thermostat, topped off the anti-freeze, wished us luck and sent us on our VERY HAPPY way. We finished our trip and arrived back home in Iowa and found your newsletter in the mail. We can’t thank you enough.

– Kay and Len Staab, Cedar Rapids

We are always treated as friends, not just clients. Owner’s wife provides homemade chocolate chip cookies. – John and Sue Rogers, New London

Always reliable, always pleasant. Too bad it takes auto issues to have an excuse to patronize them!
-Tom Curren and Kathy Neustadt, Wilmot

Marshall’s “rocks”!
-Nancy Teach, Andover

If your car is serviced here, there is no worry – Honest – The Best – Well Done!
-Helen Tucker, Elkins

I have used Marshall’s for many years – always A-1 service!

– B. William Tucker, Elkins

Really the best place I have ever used!!
Arthur Jillette Jr., Goshen

Marshall’s Garage continues to provide excellent service and concerned customer care at fair prices.

– David Harrison, New London

Marshall’s Garage is one of the assets of living in New London, NH. So glad they are here.
– Amy Jarrell, New London

Thank you for your kind and honest customer service, excellent and thorough automotive repairs, and convenient rental service. The Saab runs great now! It was a pleasure doing business with Marshall’s Garage – our towing destination of choice…even if we break down in Kalamazoo. Best out-of-state place to break down! Marshall’s Garage is the gold standard of auto repair services. EXCELLENT A+!
– Robin Hopps & Wendy Sue Harper, Vermont

A rare business today. Marshall’s stands behind its work and very pleasantly corrects any problems.

– Hope Damon, Sunapee

This note is to thank you for all the wonderful service you have given me over the years. I have always felt that you were always honest and that I could trust you in all the estimates you gave before a job was done and when the repair was done, I knew it was done right.

– Louise Carey, New London

These guys are the best!!

I say this is long overdue because last winter, in the midst of our lovely run of blizzards and ice storms, my head gasket on my Forrester needed fixin’.

Needless to say, I was expecting the worst and thinking I would be without transport for days and otherwise inconvenienced as well as out a few thousand bucks.

Dave and his crew worked on my car thru the storm, had me back in my own car and UNDER $$$ in record time!

That was only one of many courteous and over the top experiences. Even when I call last minute for an oil change, they accommodate me and even pick up and deliver on time! I am never inconvenienced with my busy schedule.

In this world today its hard to find caring and professional service help. I was brought up with a good yankee work ethic and appreciate value for my dollar. We don’t often take the time to write letters to compliment good service but seem quick to complain about the smallest things.

These guys deliver. I recommend them to my clients, and feel comfortable that I am getting the best service for my money if I have to have something done to my car- which is an integral part of making my living.

-Annie Perry, New London

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