Meet Our Staff

David M. Marshall, Owner/ASE Master Technician, Accredited Automotive Manager, Associate Applied Science-Automotive Technology

David has worked in the family business since 1970. He has overseen significant changes in his business and helped it grow from a two bay to a five bay garage to keep up with the needs of his customers. He graduated with honors from NH Technical College with an AAS degree in Automotive Technology. He has since achieved ASE Master Certification, Advanced Level ASE Drivability Certification, plus several Body and Heavy Truck ASE Certifications. Dave is also AC Delco trained and certified and Mobile Air Conditioning Society certified. In 2001 he received the Accredited Automotive Managers Degree, one of only four in New Hampshire. Dave is constantly trying to find new ways to improve his business for the better of his employees and customers. When Dave is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and two grown daughters, riding or working on his motorcycles, camping and doing just about anything in the outdoors.

Mike Kozikowski, ASE Master Technician, Associate Applied Science- Automotive Technologyy

A 2010 graduate of Vermont Technical College, Mike has been working at Marshall’s Garage since he was a summer intern, many years ago. You’ll probably recognize his ever-present smile. While already MACS Certified, Mike gained the experience needed, then passed all of the ASE tests needed to make him a Master ASE Certified Technician. Mike loves to stay busy and enjoys the challenge of figuring out some of the more difficult repairs we encounter. Mike is a local guy that loves cars and loves to work on them. With an extremely rigid work ethic, and easy going manner, Mike makes work look easy. When not at Marshall’s Garage, Mike enjoys working on his new home, hiking, camping and most motorsports.

Nate Hansen, Technician

Nate is one of those guys that you can just plain depend on to have a smile and an amusing anecdote. He’s a salt of the earth guy, a hard worker and a great family man. He and his wife are raising two wonderful children, a boy and a girl…the perfect American family. Nate has worked in the automotive industry for years and before joining us in 2017, he was a body man. He’s taken to the mechanical side of auto repair with ease, and we’re really enjoying having him work with us. When Nate is not at work, he loves to go camping with his family, and sometimes brings his antique “One Lungers” to local historical events.

Devon Marshall Piquette, Service Advisor/Customer Support

After graduating from Gettysburg College in 2007, Devon worked in the travel and then hospital staffing business in Boston and then Providence for several years. After working in the city for a few years, she decided to move back to the country to raise her two children. Working at the family business as a fourth generationer just seemed to be the natural thing to do. Devon brings a caring, cheerful attitude to her interactions with people, while giving you the information that you need to take proper care of your vehicle. She has a personal stake in your satisfaction and strives to make your experience here at Marshall’s Garage an excellent one. When not working, she’s busy raising two precocious and sweet little girls.

Gage Bensley, Service Advisor 

Gage loves cars and trucks, in fact when not doing his actual paid work, he likes to work on his own vehicles. Ever since graduating from Colby-Sawyer-College in 2012, he has been working in the automotive industry as either a sales person or service advisor in a dealership with several locations in the state. While not enjoying the commute, he did develop a good understanding of the car repair environment, vehicles and their systems, and knows how to communicate this information to customers and co-workers extremely well. We consider him a great asset to the business, and look for him to help with making the process run smoothly. When not at Marshall’s Garage, he enjoys working on his new home, motorcycling, skiing and camping with his wife and 2 dogs.

Carla Marshall, Service Advisor/Customer Support

Carla has worked for Marshall’s Garage Inc. off and on over the last…almost 30 years. You probably noticed the name similarity — yes, she is married to the boss, but that doesn’t afford her too many privileges. Carla has owned her own retail store and worked in the banking and real estate business prior to her association with us and is a licensed massage therapist. She is what we call a finisher, a stickler to detail. You can be sure when you ask us to do something, Carla makes sure it gets done. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, hike, ride motorcycles, read and travel.